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LUV My Paper Pieced “COW-ABUNGA” Quilt

Cow-Abunga Quilt 39"x 39"
Cow-Abunga Quilt 39″x 39″

This is my salute to all dairy farmers. I grew up on a farm where we raised cows and chickens. This reminds me of my father loading the milk cans into our trusty old blue truck in the early morning.

Paper Pieced Cow Block
Paper Pieced Milk Can
Paper Pieced Barn

This was before the days of using a bulk tank to hold the milk. It meant a trip to the milk plant every morning in our old truck. As a kid, I loved to ride along on that bumpy early morning trip.

My Paper Pieced Block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine

Quiltmaker's 100 BLOCKS Magagzine
Quiltmaker’s 100 BLOCKS Magazine Vol. 12



I am soooo excited to announce that I will have a paper pieced block featured in the Vol. 13 issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 BLOCKS magazine.  This magazine features 100 lovely 12″x 12″ blocks in all varieties…paper pieced, appliqued, pieced, and mixed media (buttons, embroidery, etc.). The magazine only comes out twice a year, so don’t miss it! It hits the stands in early May, and I will send more information your way towards the end of April. The magazine in the photo is volume 12 from December 2015.

“Enough Elephants” Paper Pieced Quilt

Cutest Elephant Ever!
Cutest Paper Pieced  Elephant Ever!


Gray and pink are such a lovely combination, especially in a child’s room. This adorable paper pieced elephant has a child like quality and is perfect for “Enough Elephants”.

Six Shades of Pink
Six Shades of Pink

Finding 6 soft shades of pink was so much fun. The quilt went together in no time!

Emily snuggling.
Emily snuggling


This is a great quilt to snuggle.

Pillow 12"x 24"
Pillow 12″x 24″


“Later Alligator” Paper Piecing Pattern

Later Gator Paper Pieced Block
Later Alligator Paper Pieced Block

It all started with this crazy gator. OK, it actually all started with the Moda Charm Pack “For You”, which I fell in love with. All those gorgeous cool colors! And the textures reminded me so much of gator skin.

Later Alligator Quilt
Later Alligator Quilt

Of course, 1 crazy gator was not enough. The greatest fun came from making the outer border using the charm pack squares. After a little math, I figured out how to use almost the entire pack for the border. Don’t you hate wasting any squares in those charm packs?

Later Gator Pillow
Later Alligator Pillow

Jan with Pillow


I saw some nice long skinny pillow forms when out shopping, so I had to make Later Alligator into a pillow! This pillow measures 14″x 28″. My good friend, Jan, likes a shorter pillow, so she made her Later Alligator to fit a 12″x 22″ pillow. Isn’t it adorable? I LUV the colors she chose! The pattern for the Later Alligator Paper Pieced Quilt and Pillow is in my Etsy store now!