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DOGS NEEDED!!! Help…I am designing a “Dogs Only” quilt and would like to design each block in the likeness of a REAL pet. I already have the Shih Tzu,” Parker”. This adorable dog belongs to Glenda from Canada.
If you could send me a photo of your pet AND tell me specifically what kind of dog it is AND their name, I may choose your lovely pet for the quilt!
Email me at :
Text me at: 920 379-1061

This is "Parker" the Shih Tzu
This is “Parker” the Shih Tzu

Dinosaur Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

Dinosaur Quilt photo retouchedThe paper pieced Dinosaur Quilt measures 44″x 60″.  As you can see, it highlights 6 cool dinosaurs: Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, and my personal favorite, Triceratops.Triceratops photoUsing a striped fabric for the teeth makes the paper piecing go super quick! It is such an easy way to get that GRRRRR look.

Pterodactyl photoA zigzag fabric works cool for the teeth, too. There are so many nice chevron fabrics available right now, so finding a fabric similar to the black and white zigzag should be fairly easy. I found mine at my local quilt shop.

Stegosaurus photoIn the Stegosaurus, I just used a simple black fabric for his teeth. And I love using the tiny black and white stripe for his toes. It adds a nice graphic quality to the quilt.

Dinosaur words photo 1I satin stitched the words, but they could easily be machine embroidered. If you increase the stitch width at the end of each letter as you satin stitch, the letters look a bit fancier.

This paper pieced Dinosaur quilt pattern is available on Etsy and on Craftsy.