Paper Pieced Silly Safari Quilt

This easy to paper piece quilt is filled with delightful jungle animals!cover photoI can’t decide which bird is my favorite…

Macaw top photo Toucan Photo TOPbut there are 4 to choose from: Macaw, Toucan, Parrot and Flamingo.

zebra 1But my absolute favorite is the zebra! This quilt was inspired by the lovely zebra print fabric! One look at this luscious fabric and I knew my next quilt was going to be all jungle animals.

This pattern is available for instant download on Etsy.

7 thoughts on “Paper Pieced Silly Safari Quilt

  1. this is adorable. I have a great niece due in mid October. What is the size and how easy and quick is it to put together? any help would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks Lori! All of the paper pieced blocks are big and easy. The finished size is 42″x 48″. This quilt would be adorable in a child’s room.

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