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FREE Patterns from Made By Marney

Whats not to like about FREE, right?

The 2 Breezy Butterfly blocks pictured above can be found on my Craftsy and Etsy shops for FREE. These paper pieced patterns can be used for summer potholders, pillows, a table runner or even a butterfly quilt.

I am offering these free patterns as a thank you to my loyal customers…and if you haven’t been a customer in the past, I would value your patronage in the future. I would also love you to SUBSCRIBE if you have not previously done so.


Crazy Cats Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

Crazy Cats Quilt

I have been designing dog blocks for a few months, so FINALLY I have something to offer to all of you cat lovers! The Crazy Cats Paper Pieced Quilt has 12 expressive cats. My challenge was to create a quilt using all secondary colors; orange, green, and violet. As an art teacher, I always like to use color families successfully. The Crazy Cats  Quilt pops with fun color, but could easily be done in neutral tones, too.

Here are 3 of my favorites. I lucked out and found the perfect cream background fabric with tiny orange, green, and violet dots.

Here’s the easiest block: This is an easy to construct quilt , and would be great for beginning paper piecers.

The pattern is available on Etsy and Craftsy.



Kitty and Pup Paper Pieced Potholders Pattern

I know many friends who will go crazy for these “Kitty and Pup Potholders”.

cover-photo-1I had so much fun paper piecing these two. The blocks couldn’t be easier and would be great for beginners. I used buttons for my eyes, as I intend to flip the potholders over and use the back if I need to set something hot on them. But the eyes could also be done with appliqued fabric circles.

kitty-photoThis kitty is too sweet! The kitty who ate the cream.

pup-photoAnd how cute is he?  Doesn’t he look like he just got into mischief?

This pattern is available on Etsy or Craftsy.

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More Paper Pieced “Dogs Only” Dogs and Owners

I promised to reveal more of the real live pets that inspired my latest paper pieced quilt design, “Dogs Only”.dogs-only-quiltThis adorable quilt has 11 different dog breeds, all inspired by real pets.



This is a Labradoodle inspired by Percy, owner Kathleen McCormick.


And this cutie is a Westie named Mac, who’s lovely owner is my neighbor Peg Olson.


This cutie patootie is a Yorkie named Muggsy, owner is Mary Waldecker.


I love puppies with patches on their eyes, so I couldn’t resist this Terrier that I call Patch, owner unknown.



I had a lovely conversation with a customer about her Great Dane, Duke. Unfortunately I never got her name 🙁  However, I still couldn’t resist dedicating this block to Duke.

saint-bernardstudley-muffinAnd here is the Saint Bernard, Studley Muffin, owner Jacqi Levy. Jacqi runs the “Keep Me In Stitches” quilt shop in Appleton.  Her sweet Studley Muffin has passed away and is greatly missed.

All 11 dog blocks are available in the “Dogs Only” pattern on Etsy or Craftsy.


“Dogs Only” Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern from Made By Marney


The Dogs Only quilt (42″x 51″) was so much fun to design. Each paper pieced block was inspired by a real dog, whose photo was shared with me by their loving owner! I will include some of the photos of the real life inspiration dogs in todays blog, and others will be shared in later blogs. There were so many proud pet owners that I have made “extra” blocks that can be purchased separately and substituted, if desired.

airedale guinness-by-heidi-dronchi







The Airedale is “Guinness” and the owner is Heidi Dronchi.







The Shih Tzu is “Molly” and the owner is Glenda Becker.








The Beagle is “Copper” and the owner is Lynn Much.







The Dachshund is “Oscar” and the owner is Jennifer Strauser.

bulldogtucker-by-lindsey-groverThe Bull Dog is “Tucker” and the owner is Lindsey Grover.

I will reveal the names of more dogs and their proud owners soon…

This original pattern can be found on Etsy and Craftsy.


Dinosaur Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

Dinosaur Quilt photo retouchedThe paper pieced Dinosaur Quilt measures 44″x 60″.  As you can see, it highlights 6 cool dinosaurs: Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, and my personal favorite, Triceratops.Triceratops photoUsing a striped fabric for the teeth makes the paper piecing go super quick! It is such an easy way to get that GRRRRR look.

Pterodactyl photoA zigzag fabric works cool for the teeth, too. There are so many nice chevron fabrics available right now, so finding a fabric similar to the black and white zigzag should be fairly easy. I found mine at my local quilt shop.

Stegosaurus photoIn the Stegosaurus, I just used a simple black fabric for his teeth. And I love using the tiny black and white stripe for his toes. It adds a nice graphic quality to the quilt.

Dinosaur words photo 1I satin stitched the words, but they could easily be machine embroidered. If you increase the stitch width at the end of each letter as you satin stitch, the letters look a bit fancier.

This paper pieced Dinosaur quilt pattern is available on Etsy and on Craftsy.

Paper Pieced Silly Safari Quilt

This easy to paper piece quilt is filled with delightful jungle animals!cover photoI can’t decide which bird is my favorite…

Macaw top photo Toucan Photo TOPbut there are 4 to choose from: Macaw, Toucan, Parrot and Flamingo.

zebra 1But my absolute favorite is the zebra! This quilt was inspired by the lovely zebra print fabric! One look at this luscious fabric and I knew my next quilt was going to be all jungle animals.

This pattern is available for instant download on Etsy.