Paper Piecing Tutorial #2: Sewing Segments Together

Welcome to my paper piecing tutorial “#2: Sewing Segments Together”. My step by step directions are designed to help you use my “Made By Marney” paper pieced patterns.If you are piecing a combination block, you will have to paper piece each segment in the pattern, then sew these segments together. Watch “Tutorial #1: Paper Piecing a Segment” if you are a beginner before watching this tutorial.

The Penguin block I am using in this tutorial is a FREE download and will be available on my website starting on Tuesday, February 6.

Step 4: Bend the paper pattern out of the way and trim away any excess seam allowance beyond the 1/4″ needed.

Step 5: Flip fabric 2 in place behind piece #2 and press flat.

Step 6: Trim away the excess fabric, leaving a generous 1/2″ beyond what is needed.

Step 7: Position the fabric for piece #3. Again, I am bending the pattern on the stitching line so I can peek under the pattern to help place my fabric to allow about 1/2″ of seam allowance. (I am always generous with this seam allowance, especially for beginners.)

Above, you can see that piece #3 is stitched, pressed in place, and the excess fabric has been trimmed. Continue to add pieces in numerical order.

Above you can see that section C is now completed.

Trim the seam allowance 1/4″ from the red line. Segment C will be sewn to Segments A and B along the red lines.

Step 8: This a close up showing how I match the seam lines for segments  A and B. Poke a straight pin through the seam line of segment A and match it with the seam line on segment B.






Pin the segments together. Sew on the seam line.

Rip off the paper that is in the seam allowance on each side.

Press the seam to one side. Here is segment A and B sewn together and pressed.

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8 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Tutorial #2: Sewing Segments Together

  1. Great tutes–#1 and #2—I am a great fan of paper piecing for the accurate meeting points, but I always have to “re-teach” myself on how to get started. Thank you

  2. Great tutorial on paper piecing! It’s easy for me to do, but tough to explain. I worked on a paper piece tutorial last week for a post, but mine wasn’t as detailed as yours. Your photos explained it all!

    1. Carol, Thanks so much. I plan to refer back to the 2 tutorials when I post for out Blog Hop. It was too much to put all in one post, so I decided to do the tutorial separately.

  3. Hi Mary
    I just got done making the paper pieced blocks for the Cats and Dogs Quilt and here is what I learned. When putting two segments of a block together, I do the aligning and sticking the pin in the two segments to try to align them. Then I pin them. Then – IMPORTANT – I use a very long stitch on my machine to BASTE them together. Then I open the segments up and see if they align. Oftentimes I have to make a minor adjustment and it is easy to remove the basting stitches.

      1. Mary
        Absolutely -It was really helpful as it allowed me to get the alignment spot on!
        The quilt I am still finishing up will go into my quilt club’s exhibit at the Virginia Quilt Museum in Sept 2018. My text label attributes pattern to you.

  4. I enjoy your Blog and your patterns are adorable! I have the cat pattern but haven’t made it yet. Thanks for a chance to win.

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