Made By Marney in the Christmas Caroling Row Along 2017!

This is my first year participating in the fantastic Christmas Caroling Row Along! I am so excited to be collaborating with so many other excellent designers.

If you are not sure what “Row Along” is all about, here are the details. Starting September 5 and ending on October 5, FREE row patterns will be offered on different designers’ websites. We are all very happy to have you visit our websites, and you will be able to download a different row pattern from each site…FREE, yes, absolutely FREE.

The rows vary in width, but all are 36 1/2″ long, so as to put them together into a quilt, if you so desire, will be easy peasy. Every year we share a common theme. This year,  all rows relate to Christmas Carols.Here is a sneak preview of my row pattern, “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”, that I will be giving away on Thursday, September 28. Cute, right? And super easy! It is paper pieced, of course. But even a newbie to paper piecing can put together this simple, sweet Santa! In the photo, my row is shown with an inner and outer border attached, so as to make a table runner.

I will be keeping you apprised of the web links to all the other fabulous designers rows when we officially start the Row Along on September 5. You will be able to download as many as 5 different FREE rows each Tuesday and Thursday until October 5!

Don’t forget to stop by my website on Tuesday, September 5 to learn more!


2 thoughts on “Made By Marney in the Christmas Caroling Row Along 2017!

  1. I love your row and can’t wait to watch your video about paper piecing. The dog quilt is adorable!!

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